Medical Malpractice

The merit screen is the most important task in a medical malpractice case. Without a clear, concise, easy to explain breach in a standard of care that resulted in damages which are hefty the case is likely not one to pursue, even if it is meritorious. After 800 cases, I have learned; Stop before you start a case you can’t win. We screen out all non-meritorious medical malpractice cases. We stay with you until the very end if we say it has merit!

In elder abuse and medical malpractice cases, mastery of the standards of care and the law is critical to a successful outcome for your case.

When you retain me as your legal nurse consultant, you will receive the full benefit of my 40 years of experience developing and implementing those standards of care and evaluating acute hospitals and long-term care facilities on their adherence to regulations. My background includes experience both as a bedside nurse and as a nursing administrator responsible for the care provided to acute inpatients, outpatients and those receiving long-term care. I personally developed the Standards of Care that your cases will be evaluated against, and guided multiple hospitals through regulatory reviews.

For the past 11 years I have used that knowledge to provide strategic consultation in over 800 elder abuse and medical malpractice cases; cases which have predominantly settled and made a difference in lives and in our community!